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Valuable Services of Reliable Peugeot Dealers


Are you thinking of buying a fabulous Peugeot, or do you already have one? Either of these cases, you need to find a reliable dealer that could provide complete services for your precious automobile.

You need to find a place where you can have all Peugeot parts, services, financing and insurance among some other vital stuff. This is for you to have all you need in one stop, thus avoiding hassles for your car.

What Services Should Peugeot Dealers Have?

If you’re looking for a Peugeot dealer to trust, it should have complete services that you will be needing for your gorgeous car. It could be for you to comply all the necessities in buying a brand new or used Peugeot, or simply keeping an old unit on top condition.

Peugeot for Sale Deals

Of course, a reliable dealer should have a great car for sale deals that you can buy. It should let you choose between a brand new or used Peugeot, plus could offer you a reasonable warranty deal.

Peugeot Financing and Insurance

There are cases when buyers don’t have enough cash to purchase a Peugeot. Fortunately, Peugeot car finance can help you with that.

This makes it important for you to find a dealer that offers financing for a new car. Moreover, it would be best if you would go for dealers that have different financing schemes like the business and individual lease.

Of course, don’t miss to find a dealer that offers Peugeot car with excellent insurance policies. This way, you don’t have to process the insurance by yourself.

Premium Repair Services

Damages and technical problems could be inevitable in some instances, thus you should look for dealers that offer quality repair services. This should not be a worry if you’re in Brisbane since you can surely find the best Peugeot repairs Brisbane have today.

You should also note to look for repair services that provide genuine Peugeot parts. This is to make sure of quality repairs for your precious automobile.

Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance is a very important repair service that many operators fail to consider. This service would allow you to contact an expert if you need instant repair when your car suddenly shuts down in the middle of nowhere.

Of course, they’d bring the necessary tools and Peugeot parts to fix your automobile on the spot. However, if your car requires specific attention, they’d bring it to their centre whilst you go on with your business. You can simply pick it up when it’s done.

These are just a few of the most important services you should find in a Peugeot dealer. Regardless of you planning to buy a new car or simply wants to keep your old one in great condition, such services can surely help you a lot.

If you want to find the best dealers in your local place, you can Google about “Peugeot dealer near me”. Alternatively, if you’re in Brisbane, you can also visit for quality services.

After finding one you can trust, look for the deals or services that you need, or simply keep their contact info for easy communication.

5 Biggest Pros that a Grand Cherokee Trailhawk Can Offer


Of course, if you’re looking for a vehicle to buy, you want to have the best you can afford. And if you want the best jeep in Brisbane, the best is definitely the jeep Trailhawk Brisbane has for you.

jeep trailhawk brisbane

The Grand Cherokee Trailhawk was built to be superior among other jeeps, especially with its off-road capacity. Know about its pros, so you’ll see why you should buy one.

Great Things about the Grand Cherokee Trailhawk You should Know

Know about the biggest pros that a Trailhawk could offer, and see why you should look for a Trailhawk jeep Cherokee for sale Brisbane deal.

1.      Superior Off-Road Capacity

Note that jeeps are built to be off-road vehicles, and Trailhawk simply optimize such purpose. It can pass through slopes, muddy or rough terrains, with performance noticeably far better than its competitors in Brisbane.

This is true, especially if you’d consider other vehicles of the same class and price range in Brisbane.

2.      Monster yet Smooth Performance

An engine of a Trailhawk can produce around 271 horsepower, and 230lb-ft of torque easily. This is the key reason of its superior off-road capacity.

On the other hand, it also provides smooth control for you. It has a standard 9-speed automatic transmission feature, and won’t give you any problem on steering responsiveness.

This means that a jeep Trailhawk Brisbane has can provide you easy maneuverability on any Brisbane roads.

3.      Smooth and Enjoyable Ride

Trailhawk jeeps are also noticeably quiet vehicles, and could provide smooth ride for passengers on bumpy roads and rough terrains in and off the city. This can help you and your passengers to further enjoy the ride.

Thing is, you might need to do some repairs or upgrades if you’d plan to buy used jeep Grand Cherokee Brisbane has, so you can achieve such smooth ride quality. However, you can choose to buy from a reliable dealer for a secondhand Trailhawk on top condition.

4.      Sufficient Safety Features

One of the biggest flaws in some other jeeps is their safety issues. Thing is, Trailhawk has solved such problem confidently.

It has sufficient airbags, lane sensors, blind spot monitors and automatic breaks. It also has driver assistance systems that could help you avoid any road accidents efficiently.

5.      Fantastic Interior Features

Comfort and technology blends perfectly in a Trailhawk’s interior features, which makes new jeeps for sale worth to avail for family use. To begin with, it has comfortable seats, plus its cabin is spacious enough to carry five adult.

It also provides easy to reach controls for the driver, and an excellent infotainment system. The infotainment system is Bluetooth capable, and has USB ports as well. Not mentioning that it’s convenient to use and navigate for the driver.

These are just five of the biggest perks that a Grand Cherokee Trailhawk has. This could be the vehicle you should buy, especially if you want to own the best off-road jeep in Brisbane.

Just make sure to purchase from a reliable dealer in the city to have the best jeep Trailhawk Brisbane can provide you. You can inquire at the Brisbane City Jeep, or visit their website at for more info.

Quick Guide in Buying and Owning Your First Harley Davidson


With more than 100 years of manufacturing cool top of the line motorbikes, Harley Davidson has cemented its name on the worldwide motorcycle industry. It produces beginners to professional biker levels of motorcycles, thus you probably dream of owning a Harley too.

Thing is, it could be overwhelming to think about all the info you need to consider in buying a Harley Davidson. In fact, some new models will be released next year, which includes the 2019 Sportster motorcycles.

2019 sportster motorcycles

That could add up to your confusion in buying your first Harley.

How to Buy Your First Harley Davidson Motorbike

To help you buy your first Harley Davidson motorbike, here’s a quick guide for you to read.

Know which Category You Should Choose

Generally, the Harley Davidson motorbike collection falls under six categories. These are the Street Series, the Sportsters, the Softail, the Touring motorbikes, the CVOs and the Trikes.

Think about your skill level in choosing a category, and consider your intended usage as well. Say, you’re just a beginner in motorcycling, the Street Series and the Sportsters should fit you well.

If you plan to use your Harley for long tours and you have proficient motorcycling skills, for instance, the 2019 Touring motorcycles could be perfect for you.

Consider Your Budget

It’s a hard fact. Harley Davidson motorbikes are not that affordable.

Thing is, you can surely look for one that you can afford by considering your budget.

Think of the six categories once again. Every step up the ladder means more expensive purchase.

Thus, if you need an entry level motorbike and you have enough cash, so you could eye the 2019 Sportster motorcycles for a purchase. If you have a limited budget, you can consider the Street Series for it.

Alternatively, you can also choose between brand new and secondhand Harleys. If you want a cruiser and you have enough finance, for example, you can buy the new 2019 Softail motorcycle for the best choice.

Thing is, always remember to be careful in buying a secondhand Harley if you have a limited budget. Look for a reliable dealer, so you can avoid motorbikes on bad conditions.

Look for a Reliable Harley Davidson Dealer

This is another good thing about the Harleys, aside from the stunning cool motorbikes itself. Because of its established brand name, you can easily find accredited dealers worldwide.

Some even say it’s impossible to find a place without at least one a Harley Davidson dealer.

However, if there’s a lot of dealers on the Harley Davidson market, you can’t avoid stumbling upon frauds and unreliable salesmen. This makes it important for you to be vigilant in looking for a place to buy Harley 2019 motorcycles.

Thing is, if you can find a reliable dealer near you like the, you can surely have the best deals of a quality Harley. This comes in a good price rate, plus you can receive a good warranty coverage too.

This is just a quick guide in buying your first Harley Davidson. Whether you want the new 2019 Sportster motorcycles or some other models, taking notes of these points can help you a lot in making a great and reasonable purchase.

Find the Right Pre-Owned Hyundai or Ford Car From Used Car Yards


Your old, reliable car has actually served you well, but your requirements have actually altered and it’s time to discover a car that fits your way of life much better. If you have been wishing to look at Beaudesert used car yards, but do not understand precisely how to start your car buying procedure.

Today, there are Beaudesert used car yards and regional dealerships of new automobiles who offer a great mix of makes and designs. Discovering a Hyundai or Ford vehicle you desire will not be that huge of an issue.

If you remain in the marketplace to buy your own vehicle, the larger issue is evaluating if you ought to get a secondhand or new car. These guide concerns can help you identify which choice is much better.

Know what you can manage

Clearly, a brand new vehicle will at first cost more. You likewise have to think about other expenditures and not just the selling rate. If you purchase pre-owned you may have to pay more for insurance coverage. Funding for used cars can be more pricey.

You need to take all the expenses and your present financial resources into factors to consider then compare which will be more inexpensive for you.

Arm yourself with great understanding

Whether it’s a Ford SUV or a Mitsubishi Sedan, you most likely have a car in mind. Before you begin shopping, make sure to equip yourself with excellent understanding initially about the car design that you desire to purchase.

Do some research about the car’s functions and compare costs to understand the rate variety that you’ll be anticipating for that design. You can ask your friends and family members, sign up with car online forums, or merely check out sites providing evaluations on used cars so you can shop with some helpful concepts in your toolbox. Talk to the car yard of your option. The majority of Beaudesert used car yards dealers can discuss the make and design that suits your needs. See more at Scenic Motors

Know the repair and maintenance required

When you go brand new, the probability of requiring repair work is less likely, so maintenance will be your main issue. On the other hand, opting for something secondhand generally implies getting a car that has actually gone through some wear and tear.

The good idea is, you can constantly search for a Hyundai dealer that has a lower mileage and include a comprehensive vehicle history so you understand you are purchasing something which is still in quality working condition.

Another great concept is to discover a used car dealer who has their own Hyundai service centre Beaudesert wide. This will be much easier for you to get expert repair service for your secondhand Hyundai wagon.

Examine the car completely

Before settling the purchase of a used car, make sure to do a comprehensive inspection of it. Look out for indication like disparities in the quality of its paint, mismatched tires, elements that do not work effectively or cover-ups on scratched or bent parts. Considering on a specific Hyundai design? Why not have it examined at a Hyundai service centre Beaudesert location to guarantee you get the very best offer. Or, just discover a Hyundai dealer Beaudesert wide that is understood to offer quality used automobiles at a portion of an expense.

Last Ideas

Constantly do a test drive before signing those documents. This will offer you a sneak peek of what driving the car will resemble and will make you familiar with any problems that you will never know about without driving it yourself. Keep in mind that you do not wish to lose your money on something that you will not have the ability to utilize for a long period of time. If you are looking for a reliable Beaudesert Ford dealership, visit today.

How a Melbourne Courier Service Can Benefit Your Small Business


When you’re running a small business, you might be tempted to do everything on your own. Possibly you think that by doing so you’ll save money to expand the business. This is far from the truth. Being a jack of all trade can get counterproductive pretty fast. You cannot be receiving orders from clients and at the same time be handling delivery and shipping. Of course something will go wrong. You might end up skipping an order, or even worse delivering goods to your customers late because it took you hours to prepare and package them. Hiring a courier service in Melbourne can save you all this hassle. By hiring them your workload will be reduced and you’ll have more time to deal with the money-making aspects of the business.

Having a courier service in Melbourne can do you a world of good. Check out some of these benefits.

Lower delivery rates

Maybe you fear using courier services because of the costs involved. Well, you don’t have to fear anymore. Unlike traditional mail delivery services that used standard rates, courier services offer businesses special rates. For businesses, delivery is done on a daily basis and professional courier services cannot be sustained if the rates are too high. This is the reason why many courier companies offer special prices for businesses.

Increased cash flow

This is one of the great benefits you need not miss out on. As a business owner you want to be paid for goods as soon as they’re delivered. When goods take too long on transit before they are delivered to clients, your money is tied up. This is the possible scenario when you decide to deliver goods on your own. It might not reflect well on the productivity of your business. Courier services deliver goods swiftly and so there’ll be a constant flow of cash in your business.


Accountability is quite fundamental for businesses especially when it comes to delivery of goods. If goods are lost or damaged when being transported by one of your employees, who are you going to blame? Choosing a well-established courier service in Melbourne that is accountable for the movement of goods at every stage will reassure of safe delivery.

Local, regional and international delivery

Reliable courier services in Melbourne can deliver goods and packages in just about any part of the world. With such a company, it will never matter how far the intended destination is. They will use the same care, skill and detail to attention as they do with local deliveries. After all, they have adequate resources to do it.

Custom matters

Handling custom issues can give you a headache. And you have to be braced to do it when moving goods across borders. There are so many restrictions associated with these procedures including payment of duties, acquiring permits for certain good and not to mention annoying delays. With a courier service you don’t have to worry about handling customs since they’ll do it on your behalf and do it perfectly.

4 factors to consider when buying tyres


Since the evolution of vehicles, tyres have been one of the most important features when it comes to safety. This is because they are the only part of the car that comes into contact with the road. It is for this reason that a company like Southport Budget Tyres which manufactures tyres works to precision to make the gold coast tyres. Every move that the driver makes using the steering wheel is directly connected to the road through the wheels. It is therefore necessary to have good tyres like the gold coast tyres.

When a driver has low quality tyres, he or she not only places him or herself at risk of an accident, but also some damage to the car. Buying proper tyres is important. Quality tyres will be cost effective and will give you a longer and enjoyable driving experience. This and many other reasons have seen better and quality manufacture of tyres from gold coast tyres. When you are buying tyres, what do you really consider so that you can have the best tyres?

For quality tyres, it is good that you consider the factors below.

Age of the tyre

When you are out buying tyres, it is advised that you check on the manufacture date of the tyres. The fact that a tyre is new does not mean it is in good shape. Usually, tyres get weak with time, especially when they are somewhere that is hot. The manufacturing date is inscribed using a 4 digit way. For example 7009 means the tyre was manufactured on July 2009. Your mechanic will always advise you to replace your car tyres after 6 years in case you bought them when they were new. If they were not brand new, then you should check the date and determine the date that you need to replace it.


Depending on the type of tyre, you are given a warranty period in terms of the miles covered. Most manufacturers will give you a warranty of between 50000 and 80000 miles. It is advised that you should understand the warranty policy well. Some warranty policies are not realistic. Most vehicles will never get to cover such long miles. You should therefore really think twice when it comes to warranty. You must know all the fine details involving the warranty.

Know where to buy

When you are planning on buying tyres, you should know on the best place to buy them. Not all tyres dealers will offer you value for your money. Most small scale tyre sellers will provide you with a little or no chance to bargain. Small scale tyre dealers are not the best. They also offer little or no discount citing the little profit margin. Big tyre companies will always offer attractive discounts and proper bargaining power.

Tyre technology

Some of the recently manufactured tyres are made using high technology. A good example is the run flat tyres. The higher the technology used to make the tyre, the better the tyre is. You should always go for modern tyres. They will offer you longer service.

Used Cars R Us: Reasons to Get a Used Car Today


Buying used cars don’t usually sound good to a lot of people. This is because when they think of used cars, they automatically think of a rusty red 1938 Volkswagen beetle. Well, that is no always the case because you can good deals on used cars for almost half the price of some of the newest cars. It all depends on finding the right dealer or Beaudesert used car yards and the right car that suits you. There are a lot of things to consider before buying a used car. However, they are often a good deal.

beaudesert used car yards

With that being said, this article will tell why you need a used car from one of the used Beaudesert Ford dealership Brisbane has:

Lower Price (much lower)

It is sure nice to have a new car. The smell of fresh leather, the shiny paint, and the glistening chrome is a magnificent sight indeed. However, a single digit mileage car is worth a lot of money. The price gap between brand new cars and used cars can reach up to twenty thousand dollars! A used Mitsubishi Lancer can be five thousand dollars cheaper than a new Mitsubishi Mirage and there is little to no difference in performance. With that being said, used cars and brand cars really don’t differ much on perhaps. Some used cars might even perform better because of modifications such as nitro and other performance enhancing modifications.

You can choose whatever you want

Variety is one thing that you can enjoy when buying a used car. For sure the car that you want can be provided to you by one of the Beaudesert used car yards today. Whether you prefer American muscle cars such as the 1969 Chevrolet Camaro or the 1969 Dodge Charger or simple compact cars such as the Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla and the Chevrolet Cobalt your preference should mean a lot to your Hyundai dealer Beaudesert has today. Despite that being said, since you are buying a car that is probably 20 years older than you, make sure you check what’s underneath the hood. Make sure that the pistons and the bores are working properly. You should also make sure that there are no leaks and breakage to ensure a safe and awesome ride. In addition to that, if you can bring a mechanic with you, do it so that he can help you assess the condition of your prospect car. Click Scenic Motors for more details.

You can avoid depreciation

The problem with new cars is that it depreciates so much. Depreciation means losing value over time. In five years, the car that you bought for forty thousand dollars might decrease its value for over ten thousand dollars (depending on the stock market).


Cars can be a good investment if you choose wisely and methodically. Just like buying a new car, before choosing a used car from one of the Beaudesert used car yards today, do a lot of research about the specs of the car. Another thing would be to test drive it to make sure that you like the feel, the handle and the acceleration of the car. Looking for a Hyundai service centre Beaudesert has today in your locality? Check online at sites like for more convenience.

Boosting Your BMW Performance in Melbourne


One of the most important aspects of a car is its engine performance. Regardless of whether you are a speed junkie that loves a car that can move fast or you are taken in by a car’s aesthetics and outer look, a car with a terrible engine performance is not something you want to touch. While most cars can perform pretty okay on the road, there are certain car brands that have distinguished themselves in the market as having very strong engines with high performance. BMW is one of those cars that have come to be recognized for high performance.Though there are several cars models in its range, the one common factor in all BMW cars is that they are sure to have high engine performance. BMW performance Melbourne has been regarded as one of the best in the city.

Bmw performance melbourne

While engine performance and stability of the BMW car has led to the huge recognition and admiration that the brand attracts, the luxurious aspects of the car also make it very popular with people that love and enjoy the good things in life. Most of these people love their car and they require servicing by a top company to ensure the best BMW performance Melbourne can offer. They are willing to travel long distances and pay more to ensure that their car get the best service possible.

Even after their car has aged a bit, most people want to know how to increase BMW car performance. The simple answer to these is to obtain quality servicing and repairs for your car at all times. This will mean that any issues with your car are diagnosed and taken care of before they get worse and also genuine spare parts are used that don’t compromise the car’s performance.

Active Motorwerke is one of Australia’s providers of servicing and repairs for BMW, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz and other European cars. It is the best place to be if you are looking for professional BMW performance Melbourne services. Having been in the market for a long time, the company has developed unique expertise in servicing European cars.

Their garage uses the latest technology to conduct comprehensive diagnostics and repairs. For those people that own an Audi and are keen to know how to increase Audi car performance, the company is willing and able to service their vehicle and improve its performance. The company is also able to help those people that are looking for upgrade BMW car services given their unique and unrivalled knowledge of the European cars.

Although Active Motorwerke was started with the aim of providing aftermarket parts and tuning in Australia, their operations have expanded to the rest of the world. The company provides performance tuning at highly discounted prices to many owners of high-end cars. With some of the best and highly recognized professionals in the market, the company is able to leverage their rich and deep knowledge of the European cars to provide quality services at competitive rates. The company is also able to provide a whole range of services that includes diagnostic and testing repairs, genuine parts, full injection and manufacture log book servicing. Visit

Three Awesome Things to Expect from the New Kia Carnival

The Australian Automobile Association and its member bodies recently awarded the 2017 Kia Carnival Brisbane wide as Australias best family wagon. Regardless Kia’s formerly poor reputation formerly, it has certainly exceeded itself with the recent vehicle line up. At first view, you will really be intimidated (in a good way) with the new Kia carnival Brisbane dealers offer today. It’s a very BIG vehicle. This is the ideal vehicle of choice if you are looking for a vehicle that is big enough to haul your family and other belongings to a cross-country escapade. It can carry as much as eight people in pure luxury and fashion and even allow stacks of suitcases in its cargo compartment.
new kia carnival brisbane
new kia carnival brisbane
The KIA Carnival was offered the finest people mover and finest home SUV of the year awards in 2016. KIA has really developed the new Carnival platinum diesel variation in 2017. The new Kia carnival Brisbane car dealerships offer is a fashionable and sophisticated eight-seater SUV which incorporates benefit with development. The slide and stand-up second-row seats make it truly easy for the third-row visitors to come into or vacate the auto. The lorry has in fact warmed up leather front seats. With these enhancements likewise, come brand-new or upgraded advancements. Today’s engines are smaller sized and even more effective, dependable, and complex than anything mechanics needed to handle in years previous. Below are features you can expect from the new Kia Carnival: Integrated with Modern Components Its embedded six speakers sufficient to rev up your music experience. You can even have the alternative to enjoy AM/FM radio, use the CD player, Connect your smartphone through USB inputs, or Bluetooth for the best audio streaming experience. It’s coloured touchscreen allow you to command cabin functions efficiently. The brand new KIA Carnival has options like vehicle fold wing mirrors, environment control, LED headlights, power moving doors, power vehicle driver’s seat, power tailgate, front parking noticing systems and keyless entry. The Platinum variation consists of functions like blind area detection, lane departure care, forward crash care and 360-degree surround electronic video camera. Pleasant Driving You will instantly appreciate the wide driver’s door and broad cushions when you open the 2017 Kia Carnival special deals. Once you are inside, it has lots of glass making it feel airy and roomy. The driving position is even widely adjustable. It has big instrument dials, large switchgear and plenty of storage space compartments make it an ideal car for road trips and family trips. Practical and Efficient You can have the option to choose whether you like the diesel version or stick to the petrol. Both offer six-speed automatics along with four trim levels for each engine. All in all, there are eight variants to select from. When you want to move people around, it’s a great vehicle. You can also fold the third-row seats and take out the second-row seats to use the vehicle as a delivery truck for small crates. Kia has doubtlessly gone a long way from a typical name in the auto market into something that is at the very same level with other car designs. It’s most popular Brisbane new Kia Carnival is filled with top-notch technological advances, guarantees optimum guest satisfaction and more effective than in the past. The Brisbane KIA Carnival is packed with safety features which makes it the finest house wagon. The new KIA Carnival Brisbane car dealers deal today is an advanced and ingenious eight-seater SUV which integrates advantage with advancement. It’s the outright finest option for those who prefer to acquire a house wagon.

The smartest way to buy a Mitsubishi in Brisbane


Dwelling in Brisbane demands a car of your own, and you must get one too. But when you are planning to buy a new car, then there are a number of points that will flood your mind and will demand much planning and research.  Which car to choose, where to buy, the price, the EMI, and all other things, and then the servicing, the warranty, the insurance, the financing; all these things will make you crazy until you find a suitable answer to all of them.

Let’s now find a solution, and believe it or not, the solution can be as easy as just visiting one single website with all the answers, FAQs, services and all. Surprised? Well don’t be, as you are about to discover a never before easier solution to buying a Brisbane Mitsubishi car, with a complete car guying guide for the Brisbane residents.

Get the best from the best

Brisbane is a moderately high-populated zone in Australia where car owners always have the advantage of great and easy mobility; especially when the busy and punctual city life demands action and activities on time. Now the most competitive car to get along, which embodies class and comfort, as well as the promises of great service throughout life, with long endurance to all road fallacies, is none other than Mitsubishi. Brisbane Mitsubishi is not just a name, but it’s a brand which is synonymous with class and luxury. All those people who love to grip their steering in style will swear by the brand, and its super cool make.

Hence, undoubtedly it’s the numero uno when you are selecting between various car brands, and you can get this quality luxury car at a great price. Be it the highly stylish New Mitsubishi ASX or the smart performer New Mitsubishi Mirage, you are bound to rock the road, and make people around you jealous.

Where to buy

When you are using Internet everyday for socializing, making office presentations, making projects, video calling, chatting, mailing, banking and what not, then why can’t you get and make the smartest car deal online! Well, you can definitely, and with a little research only. Smart car stores are now making their firm place online, and their presence is marked with great financing options, smart EMIs, and lovely offers on on-road prices.

The new Mitsubishi Outlander gives a great and powerful performance. If you are planning to buy, and even finance the same, then also you need to look no further. All you need to do is visit any of the Brisbane Mitsubishi car dealer. They  will provide a complete solution for your car purchase; from financing to insurance and all other options in a package, they will take care of all your needs.

Visit the website

You can surely visit the website of the car dealers to know about the services they offer, various discounts and offers, and the range of models available with them. This will further ease your process of buying  the car and save lots of your time and money.

Welcome to Turn 4


I began this auto racing history site in 1996 as a tribute to my father, Joe Giusti, and auto racing nostalgia in general. From 1930 to 1980 auto racing enjoyed an unsurpassed following. Before the big wings, expensive right rear (RR) tires and $35,000 engines, all that were required to race was a little know-how, a garage and commitment to race at the local bull ring. Those are the racing times and people depicted within Turn 4.

Enjoy the racing stories in Liar’s Corner, antiquated newspaper articles and albums in 50’s News, Souvenir Programs, Photo Galleries and now Video from old 8mm reels. You will find my
e-mail address on many pages within Turn 4 to which you can send me your old newspaper articles, stories or anecdotes and vintage photos from auto racings past.

Things are moving quickly these days with several additions and more promised for the near future. Keep checking back frequently. All comments; critique and, especially praise, are welcome . Read more at childhood memory stories.