Thursday, February 27

Tips For Choosing An Ideal Wheelchair Car

A wheelchair accessible car is a necessity to any person living with a physical disability that compromises easy movement. Whether the disability is due to old age, congenital malformations or disease, having a car that can easily be mounted gives immense freedom of travel to someone.

wheelchair accessible car
wheelchair accessible car
Brotherwood is an English company that has engineered high quality wheelchair cars for many years and has mastered the art of achieving vehicular comfort for people with disabilities. Made with emphasis on safety, comfort as well as with regard to the relative positioning of other seats in the car, the company’s models have added lots of independence to those who need them.
In spite of the accepted fact that a wheelchair accessible car is the real deal to any person who faces hurdles in travelling because of a wheelchair, it is important to consider your options before setting out to shop.
The following are some important considerations to make before your buy your very first wheelchair car:
1.    What size of vehicle is suitable for your needs?
Other than the space modified to accommodate the wheelchair, it may be important to have seats for other passengers as well. There are large cars which can accommodate the wheelchair passenger together with four other travellers with much comfort. If travelling with friends or family members is a priority, it would be important to seek out a car that is wide enough.
The Sharan, for instance, would be a good bet for the person who travels with other people in is party as well.
2.    The size of the wheelchair
The size of the wheelchair will often be dependent upon the physical needs of an individual. For the person with a large wheelchair, settling for a small, inadequate car with wheelchair access can mean a lot of discomfort and inconvenience to other passengers.
Be sure to have the special car tried with your wheelchair to be sure that it will accommodate it efficiently. The Caddy Maxi by Brotherwood is especially ideal for those large wheelchairs.
3.    The manner of embarking or disembarking from the car
There are usually two main modifications done to the car to enable you to get in or out; the side door can be enhanced to allow for easy mounting or a rump installed at the rear for wheelchair access.
Choose an entry modification that would be convenient given the position you like to occupy in the car. If need be, you can even get a car that allows a wheelchair occupant to be the driver!
Choose an entry mechanism that gives the least inconvenience to other passengers.
4.    The manner of financing the purchase of the car with wheelchair access
No doubt, you will have to spend some money in purchasing the car. Brotherwood accepts two ways by which you can acquire a car from them; through motability arrangements or private purchases. After identifying the wheelchair accessible car that is ideal for your circumstances, you need to know the kind of payment acceptable for it. This helps you to plan accordingly if you do not have sufficient money upfront.
At, you can select from a number of car models enhanced for wheelchair access. You can also get a more in-depth buyer’s guide from the site.