Thursday, February 27

Used Cars R Us: Reasons to Get a Used Car Today

Buying used cars don’t usually sound good to a lot of people. This is because when they think of used cars, they automatically think of a rusty red 1938 Volkswagen beetle. Well, that is no always the case because you can good deals on used cars for almost half the price of some of the newest cars. It all depends on finding the right dealer or Beaudesert used car yards and the right car that suits you. There are a lot of things to consider before buying a used car. However, they are often a good deal.


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With that being said, this article will tell why you need a used car from one of the used Beaudesert Ford dealership Brisbane has:


Lower Price (much lower)


It is sure nice to have a new car. The smell of fresh leather, the shiny paint, and the glistening chrome is a magnificent sight indeed. However, a single digit mileage car is worth a lot of money. The price gap between brand new cars and used cars can reach up to twenty thousand dollars! A used Mitsubishi Lancer can be five thousand dollars cheaper than a new Mitsubishi Mirage and there is little to no difference in performance. With that being said, used cars and brand cars really don’t differ much on perhaps. Some used cars might even perform better because of modifications such as nitro and other performance enhancing modifications.


You can choose whatever you want


Variety is one thing that you can enjoy when buying a used car. For sure the car that you want can be provided to you by one of the Beaudesert used car yards today. Whether you prefer American muscle cars such as the 1969 Chevrolet Camaro or the 1969 Dodge Charger or simple compact cars such as the Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla and the Chevrolet Cobalt your preference should mean a lot to your Hyundai dealer Beaudesert has today. Despite that being said, since you are buying a car that is probably 20 years older than you, make sure you check what’s underneath the hood. Make sure that the pistons and the bores are working properly. You should also make sure that there are no leaks and breakage to ensure a safe and awesome ride. In addition to that, if you can bring a mechanic with you, do it so that he can help you assess the condition of your prospect car. Click Scenic Motors for more details.


You can avoid depreciation


The problem with new cars is that it depreciates so much. Depreciation means losing value over time. In five years, the car that you bought for forty thousand dollars might decrease its value for over ten thousand dollars (depending on the stock market).




Cars can be a good investment if you choose wisely and methodically. Just like buying a new car, before choosing a used car from one of the Beaudesert used car yards today, do a lot of research about the specs of the car. Another thing would be to test drive it to make sure that you like the feel, the handle and the acceleration of the car. Looking for a Hyundai service centre Beaudesert has today in your locality? Check online at sites like for more convenience.