Thursday, February 27

Welcome to Turn 4

I began this auto racing history site in 1996 as a tribute to my father, Joe Giusti, and auto racing nostalgia in general. From 1930 to 1980 auto racing enjoyed an unsurpassed following. Before the big wings, expensive right rear (RR) tires and $35,000 engines, all that were required to race was a little know-how, a garage and commitment to race at the local bull ring. Those are the racing times and people depicted within Turn 4.

Enjoy the racing stories in Liar’s Corner, antiquated newspaper articles and albums in 50’s News, Souvenir Programs, Photo Galleries and now Video from old 8mm reels. You will find my
e-mail address on many pages within Turn 4 to which you can send me your old newspaper articles, stories or anecdotes and vintage photos from auto racings past.

Things are moving quickly these days with several additions and more promised for the near future. Keep checking back frequently. All comments; critique and, especially praise, are welcome . Read more at childhood memory stories.